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Mold can be scary and RES Home Improvements is here to help. If you’ve recently had a roof leak, a basement flood, a mildew smell, or any water related problem then you have only 24-48 hours to prevent any potentially harmful health-related problems. RES Home Improvements provides the experts needed to fix this problem with Mold Remediation in Norwood, MA.

Correcting mold damage can often mean removing or replacing materials. As a full service home improvement company, RES can assist you every step of the way.

Mold Remediation that WORKS

If you or your business suspects you may have a mold related issue you can contact our team 24/7/365 at 774-360-3561.

Customer Satisfaction

Our highly trained technicians are true specialists in the mold remediation field. This is necessary for the  difficulties of mold remediation and removal. RES backs up their professionalism with top of the line customer service that keeps our customers coming back.

Timely Service

Time is of the essence as mold is nothing to mess with. Due to the health risks involved, mold remediation needs to take place as soon as possible. RES Home Improvements provides 24/7 response services by trusted technicians in your area.

Budget Friendly

 Our model is to provide customers with high quality service and a price that fits your needs. RES Home Improvements will work with you or your business to develop a remediation budget that fits your needs and prevents future incidents from occurring. Contact our team to get a free estimate today.


 RES Home Improvements is the best choice for the best Mold Remediation Services in Norwood, MA.

Mold can be scary but RES Home Improvements is here to help. Although every can be different, this remediation process applies in most cases:

On-Site Assessment

Our team of experts will provide a free, on-site assessment of the mold damage. The estimate will include the best course of action to remediate the issue.

Identify Water

The first step is to uncover the underlying issue. Where is the water coming from? RES will locate the source that caused the mold to grow, then dry the area.

Removal and Disposal

Remove and dispose of materials contaminated by mold and clean items that can be saved.

Deodorize and Sanitize

Our team will take the time to fully deodorize and sanitize the damaged area. This may include antimicrobial treatments, ozone machines, air scrubbers and fogging equipment.


Finally, our job is to make your home feel as good as new. RES will rebuild and replace any damaged areas to make your home feel good as new.

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